Why Kaiseki.co was created

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What is Kaiseki

Kaiseki is a Japanese word that can be translate as haute cuisine. It also refers to a set of skills and techniques of such outstanding preparations.
It’s pretty much my own adaptation as ‘food for thought’ with extra steps.

In my past jobs, I had the pleasure to work with extremely talented people all around the world. They were not always successful.

We all know how hard it is to deliver a project that fits the brand vision and the design and creative vision. Unfortunately hard work does not always result in great outcome.
Their skills and techniques are often misused.

The brief given is wrong

In my experience everything seems to come from :

Start often determine the finish

The designer’s first and most essential task is choosing the correct problem to solve. Because if you get that wrong, every choice you make after that is irrelevant.
Jesse James Garrett

A major tendency today in France is to discuss an issue instead of fixing it. We determine the result instead of actively fixing it. At the end you don’t have enough time later to fix it.
Cultural differences and fluctuating skill sets cause problems with the delivery.

Kaiseki.co was in his core built upon the fact that tools used in companies are centered for internal use. A client might not know what is problem and how to solve it. We thus try to change tools and shape a different mindset.

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